VR/AR/Simulation: PRISM

BCIT’s Polytechnic Research Institute for Simulation and Multimedia (PRISM) is a centre of excellence created to address the need for simulation software and video creation at BCIT.

As a Centre of Excellence, we are focused on developing, exploring, and researching all types of simulation that can be used to support teaching and learning. Using some of the latest emerging technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), and others, we are developing new ways for students to learn in the classroom, virtually, and in the field.

Our diverse and highly skilled team are passionate about creating new frontiers of learning using the latest technology. We are currently using simulations and multimedia elements across multiple disciplines, including health, transportation, aerospace, construction, forestry, and mining. We are also undertaking several research projects to measure the efficacy of the technology to ensure that it supports better learning outcomes and a better experience for students.

If you have an idea simulation project, our team may be able to help create it for you.  Our development team will work with you to develop your idea into a project and determine the best educational delivery method for your simulation.  We have the capacity to develop software, create 2D and 3D assets, record video and audio, and ensure that your project meets and exceeds educational delivery standards.

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If you are looking for more information or have a project ready to be submitted for approval please visit our website at https://www.bcit.ca/ltc/prism/