Educational Guide to Privacy Compliance

Preparing to Use External Learning Tools at BCIT

While the topic of privacy compliance covers a broader scope of use, this document focuses primarily on BCIT staff and faculty who are considering using software running on servers, services and/or sites outside of BCIT. We call these External Learning Tools.

This document will assist you in assessing any privacy risk – to you, your learners, BCIT, or others – as a result of using external learning tools or sites.

The protection of user privacy is dictated by legislation in BC and falls within the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and is required under BCIT Policy 6700—Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy.

This is a large and comprehensive document, but you may not need to read or use it all. Please refer to the How to Use This Document section and follow the path most appropriate to you.
V1.0 – March 2015
V2.0 – Updated September 2016
V3.0 – Updated August 2017
V4.0 – Updated July 2021

Prepared by:
BCIT Information Access and Privacy Office (IAP)
Educational Technology Services (ETS), Learning & Teaching Centre